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Mentor Kids Through Encouragement

The unfortunate reality is that today's kids are more likely to be diminished through bullying and self-depletion, to consider and attempt suicide, and to choose criminal behaviors that lead to prison.

Bullying happens to be a dangerous culprit. It not only can lead to suicide as a consideration, but bullying has been well documented over the last decade to be connected with eventual time being served in prison for bullies and victims of bullies.

Worse, related to suicide, the youngest age on record of a child considering or attempting suicide dropped to age 4 from age 10 over the last 10 plus years. Kids are hurting bad and need some serious help.

There is great research that has been published and influential initiatives that have been established to address the above and help shift kids in the right direction. Interestingly, all the research and initiatives are from the angle of anti- (anti-bullying, anti-suicide, anti-crime, etc.).

These efforts are good and valuable. The questions is...

Is the anti- approach the most impactful and transformational approach?

By definition, anti- means to be opposed to or against. Do we want to be against bullying? Yes. Do we want to be against suicide? Yes. Do we want to be against crime and eventually serving time in prison? Yes.

But have you heard the saying...

Energy flows where focus goes?

Being anti-bullying, anti-suicide, and anti-crime is great. Unfortunately, the reality is that the focus is on the things that we are against and majority of that energy is flowing in that direction.

A gap was discovered. The opposite of anti- is pro-, and instead of placing energy and focus on what we're against...

It's time we direct energy and focus on what we're for?

Hear what Kentwood Preparatory School in Lake Worth, Florida suggests we should be for. "Encouragement is one of the most powerful tools a teacher can use. It is often the key to unlocking untapped potential in children, especially those who have trouble learning. Encouragement can even be the difference between students completing school and giving up on themselves.

Professor Leo and his teammates agree, especially that other research has shown encouragement to be more effective in transforming kids lives than praise. Conclusion? 

Instead of being anti-problems, let's be pro-solutions.

Let's be pro-encouragement.

Let's be pro-value. Let's be pro-greatness. Let's be pro-mindset transformation. Let's be pro-make a difference to empower kids, shape their values, and pave the way for their profound contribution now and in the future. 

So, the 1st ever Pro-Encouragement Initiative has been created and you are in an honored position to be part of the inaugural launch.

Why? Doing For Others Is Doing For Self!

Here's The Encouragement Going On

While working with an international prison program, Professor Leo discovered not only how powerful encouragement is to influence life transformation. He learned from incarcerated program participants how different choices and decisions would have been for them if they had the encouragement they experienced through the program when they were kids. Almost 100% of them say that they would not be in prison.

With this insight and the awareness of the condition that the minds of kids is in today, something had to be done. Transform Kids minds was created.

What is Transform Kids Minds?

It is an effort created by Professor Leo, who is also a speaker and author, along with his teammates to help kids develop strong mindsets to protect themselves against bullies, prevent suicide, and stay out of prison.

It is the 1st ever Pro-Encouragement Initiative to go into elementary schools as well as the first to use a kids book as a tool for people and businesses to become kid encouragers in an amazing way. It is also the premiere effort that helps to fuel the perspective of Doing For Others Is Doing For Self.

Here is how it is happening...

Scheduled for Fall 2024 semester, kids at 100 elementary schools in the Houston area will be inspired to discover their profound worth through a 3 layer proprietary method:

1) Energize Kids - Deliver an exciting reading of Lion, Lion...Roar, Roar, the kids book authored by Professor Leo (listen below)

2) Train Kids - Give the kids positive self talk through The 5 Greatness Sayings talk connected with the Lion, Lion...Roar, Roar book (shown below)

3) Encourage Kids - Build the kids up with encouragement expression from people and businesses around the world

Take a moment to view the video presentation of the book and discover the Greatness Sayings...

Professor Leo and his teammates are handling all the heavy lifting as far as scheduling the readings and talks, and delivering the readings and talks, which is everything that goes along with energizing and training the kids.

Through the encourage kids part, you will become a pivotal puzzle piece to help make this experience truly momentous for kids.


You Are Needed

So, How Do You Become An Encourager?

You get to be a mentor, but not the way you think. 

Instead of being a mentor to 1 or 2 kids, or instead of spending your time to encourage a kid on a weekly or monthly basis, you get to leverage 

1) the Lion, Lion...Roar, Roar book read, 

2) the Greatness Sayings talk delivered, 

3) the 5 Greatness Sayings in the 3rd person, and

4) a hardcopy of the Lion, Lion...Roar, Roar book given, to

Become a mentor to many children!

You get to leverage your money along with the Transform Kids Minds effort to multiply your encouragement impact and

Be an at-a-distance mentor to as many kids as you want.

You get to purchase to be presented a Lion, Lion...Roar, Roar book and an Encouragement Plaque in your name or your company name to be placed in the book (as below). Not to mention, your encouragement will overflow into the home (especially with parents and siblings), the family, and the community of the kids in an exponential way.

After the Greatness Sayings short talk, the designated reader/speaker will say, 

"Before we go, we have something for you. There are people and companies from around the world, who have never met you, who have decided to encourage your value and greatness. They want you to know...

you are loved, 

you are unique, 

you are valuable, 

you were created for greatness and great things, and 

you were created to live a life of contribution!

These generous people have gone into their bank accounts and spent money they could have spent on themselves or their family to purchase a book for you to take home and continue your greatness journey. Plus, as soon as you open the book, the first thing you will see is an Encouragement Plaque with their name on it. Every time you read your book, they will be encouraging you and cheering you on in your value and greatness."

***We will be sure to communicate what school(s) your encouragement has gone to.***

Here is a view of what each kid impact encouragement will look like...

Ready To Become An Encourager?

Here's How...

Make your decision now.

~ only 100 elementary schools = only 100,000 kids ~

So, how many starfish do you want to save?

In other words, how many kids do you want to encourage?

How many kids do you want to be an at-a-distance mentor for?

Here are some examples of what it may look like (and based on a $30 per hour earning):

-Encourage 900 Kids  >  $13,500  >  450 hours of your earning life used to encourage 900 kids plus their relatives and friends

-Encourage 750 Kids  >  $11,250  >  375 hours of your earning life used to encourage 750 kids plus their relatives and friends

-Encourage 500 Kids  >  $7,500  >  250 hours of your earning life used to encourage 500 kids plus their relatives and friends

-Encourage 250 Kids  >  $3,750  >  125 hours of your earning life used to encourage 250 kids plus their relatives and friends

-Encourage 100 Kids  >  $1,500  >  50 hours of your earning life used to encourage 100 kids plus their relatives and friends

-Encourage 50 Kids  >  $750  >  25 hours of your earning life used to encourage 50 kids plus their relatives and friends

-Encourage 10 Kids  >  $150  >  5 hours of your earning life used to encourage 10 kids plus their relatives and friends

No matter how many kids you encourage, the transformational impact will be infinite.

Click on the applicable link below to commit to the number of kid impact encouragements you want to make. 

One-Time Encouragement

Recurring Encouragement

If you have any questions, if you desire to encourage 1,000 or more kids, or if you prefer an invoicing option, click the following link to send an email to

Note: This is not a charitable, non-profit endeavor nor is it associated with a 501(c)3 entity. This is a wellness endeavor where people are able to demonstrate abundant encouragement and compassionate generosity under the wellness mindset of "Doing For Others Is Doing For Self." 


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