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Thrive Authentically
-Group Coaching Experience-

Meet 2 people from 2 different states, from 2 different backgrounds, and 2 completely opposite trajectories of success, who knew the shackles of silent struggle while succeeding at a high level but discovered how to get free and dominate in the silence as well as in the open.


Michelle. Happily married. Loving mother to 2 awesome children. Increasingly successful General Contractor and Real Estate Investor. Traveling regularly with her mother. Expanding her business into new markets. Investing in herself on a regular. But she had a secret.

She knew she was supposed to be speaking, but she didn't know why she couldn't do it. It was not the fear of the stage. It was not the fear of the crowd. She could not hear her own voice. She could not empower her voice. But that all changed.

Through her coaching experience, she was able to get in the right environment to not only discover her voice but how to predictably amplify it to help others do the same. Now she is snagging every opportunity to use her voice. (See the chat below)


Jay. Going through a necessary divorce. Father to a new high schooler and standout basketball player. A wildly successful Highway Construction Professional and Safety & Risk Management Expert. Financially stable. Outstanding Youth Basketball Coach. A friend that is called in the time of need. He, too, had a secret.

He did counseling and therapy. They both helped. He still had something missing. Though the divorce was healthy, he had a lot of questions. The problem was not asking them. He did not even know how to form them. It was like twilight in the twilight.

Through his coaching experience, he put himself in the perfect environment to cause the brain scramble to dissipate so he could begin forming the critical questions he needed to ask. He achieved so much clarity that he discovered he needed to move back to his hometown and things took off exponentially. (See the text below)


2 people from 2 different states, from 2 different backgrounds, and 2 completely opposite trajectories of success with the same silent nuisance manifesting in its own ways. 

Instead of having silent struggle in common, they both now Thrive Authentically as their common experience.

Are you that person who is killing the game?  

You are getting results in what you are doing. You are making progress. Team connections are awesome. You are on the career trajectory that you want to be on.  

Financial breakthroughs are happening. The profitability is taking place as you want. All the good things.  

Relationships are good, even if a little shaky. You can make the moves you want to make. You can travel the way you want to travel. You can do all these things.   

But in the midst of all of this... 

You are dealing with silent void, frustrations, confusions and chaos that are making you feel like if they really start to show in your life, not only will they derail you, but they may cause people to think that something's wrong with you and that you are not the person you made yourself out to be.  

Here’s what you need to understand. 

You have a void and a value. We all have a void and a value, but there is a way you must deal with them.  

You must have clarity about your void and value. 

You must compartmentalize your void and value.  

You must situate your void and value for the right people to deal with them. 

You must have confidence about the presence of your void and value, and what should happen with them so that you do not feel like one is going to become a nuisance for the other.  

Do you want to be free from your secret voids, vulnerabilities, and difficulties being a nuisance and a disruption to your value? 

Do you want to be free from your secret voids, vulnerabilities, and difficulties being a nuisance and a disruption to the progress that you are making? 

Do you want to know how to expose and eliminate the blind spots causing your value and worth to be questioned and diminished? 

If so, the Thrive Authentically 8-Week Group Coaching Experience is for you. 

In this group coaching, you will be positioned to discover: 

  • why your silent struggles exist 
  • why your nuisances in the dark are wreaking havoc 
  • how to expose and eliminate the power of disruptions 
  • how to keep your ‘doing’ and ‘having’ from being derailed, and 
  • how to ensure your voids do not become a nuisance to your value, you can be the person of value that you need to be; so, you can Thrive Authentically

The biggest benefit you will access in this group coaching experience is the ability to ask the deepest and toughest questions you have had and finally get answers to them. 

Experience the freedom you have been looking for so that you can be that person of absolute high value who dominates in the silence as well as in the open. 

 It is time for you to Thrive Authentically

 There is only a 72-hour window. There are only 10 spots available.  

 Note: The scope of the 8-Week Group Coaching Experience will be provided on Sunday, March 10, so you will be ready to go on Monday, March 11. 

100% Money Back Guarantee – If you participate in every aspect of this group coaching experience and do not experience the transformation you expected, we will issue you a 100% refund. 

 With this guarantee, you have nothing to lose. 

 Click “Buy Now” below to jump into this group coaching experience before all spots are gone. 

Quick Facts About Your Coach - Leo Simpson II

  • The Woodlands Area 2023 Business Summit Committee Member & Speaker
  • The Woodlands Area 2024 Business Summit Co-Team Leader
  • Executive, Business, & Personal Wellness Coach
  • Problem Solving, Decision Making, & Leadership Expert
  • Host, T & L Wellness Segment on the Growing on The Go Podcast for Lone Star College - Montgomery
  • 8X Published Author

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